THE PROMISE - Tribute to my Teacher

Is this an urban legend? Not sure. Mr. Saw Chu Thong, a History teacher at The Victoria Institution, Malaysia (or Malaya then) caught me with long fingernails when I was in Form 4 (1958) the story goes. Apparently he let me go when I pleaded that I needed long nails in order to play the guitar. I am now told that I had promised to play a tune on the Spanish guitar for Mr. Saw when I learned how. Zoom to 2012...Mr. Vincent Voo, another teacher with whom I've been corresponding, gave me Mr. Saw's email address which started an exchange of mail. That led to a reminder from Mr. Saw of my promise. Guilty, I sat down and wrote this song. Not sated, he wanted a CD! The training that the VI gave us was always to do better! So, I am bettering my promise and the production of a CD with this video presentation!

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