Great Big Sea-

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Great Big Sea- ' Fortune's Favour ' Warner Music Canada � 2008.


"Dream To Live"

Set off for America far across the raging sea
From the frozen coves of my island home
To the land of liberty
I had to leave my girl behind
Until I make my way
Oh Molly dear please wait for me
I'll come back for you some day

We landed hard in Boston
and I'd never seen the like
A small boat boy from around the bay
In this sea of shining lights
Two days in I got a job
Building towers of high steel
I had to learn, to not look down
And I quickly learned to kneel

All I need is one good nights sleep
In your loving arms, to mend
We sleep to dream
And we dream to live
Will I live to love you again

I saved every cent I could
But the months turned into years
Then a letter came from Molly
and confirmed my deepest fears
She would no longer wait for me,
she'd found a better man
I might have been in America,
but my heart was broken
In Newfoundland

My working days are over now
And my children have all grown
I did the best with what I had
But some days I feel alone
I often wonder where you are
Do you still know my name
Deep inside this old man's heart
There's a love that still remains

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